Welcome to the ”Insparken” website!

Right here you can find all the information about ”Insparken”, what it is, how to reach us and what to expect from these weeks. Insparken is a concept which aims to break the ice between students, both old and new. To do this we have 2 weeks of activities planned that you can follow on site and here on the website. All activities are meant to be fun and easy-going making it something for everyone to enjoy.

If you have any questions just grab anyone with a Insparken-Shirt!

This is the shirts that everyone involved in Insparken wears, the yellow shirts are worn by the ”staff”, we are the 5 guys and girls planning and running all the activities. To our help we have plenty of ”helpers” wearing the black shirts that will be around guiding you guys and hosting the activities. Lastly we have the red shirts worn by the veterans, these are the people who has been involved with Insparken previous years and sometimes comes to hang out with the new students and help us out with actitivies. Don’t hesitate to grab anyone wearing one of these shirts if you have any questions!