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Apply for Staben 2018

Do you want to help with Insparken 2018? Right now we are looking for new members of Staben 2018. If you’re a member of Staben you help with the planning and implementation of Insparken. It is one of the most fun missions within DISK! Send your application to insparken@disk.su.se

Information regarding Friday

Good to know!


Regarding Humlegården

  1. Be dressed up, uniformly and preferably thematically in line with your team name! Also, being thoughtful and being dressed in accordance with the prevailing weather is also recommended.
  2. Be sure to be there on time! Challenges are only in between 10AM and 2PM make sure to use these four hours to the maximum!
  3. We will be situated at the pavilion which is close to the corner Sturegatan / Karlavägen.
  4. Get hyped! Spontaneous acts are always appreciated by staben, the drivare and the sections that will be attending close by!


Regarding Welcome banquet

  1. When the toastmasters or someone else is on stage, it’s considered customary to pause your conversation and stay quiet for duration.
  2. During the banquet, entertainment will only be held by our amazing section MES, with some help from toastmasters. This means that no spontaneous spex will be allowed.
  3. There will be a break which will be announced after the main course, then you will have a chance to visit the toiletries or stretch your legs. So we kindly remind you to stay seated during the dinner, in the chance that you have an emergency situation and have to visit the WC during any other time, it has to been to the best of your discretion.
  4. If you consider the banquet to be slow-going you can call a TEMPO, then the toastmasters will speed up the entertainment. The toastmasters will demonstrate how this works at the start of the banquet.
  5. The dress code is jacket, for more information on what this means can be found in a previous post.
  6. You will receive drinking tickets when you arrive at the banquet, these only work at the banquet while seated(the staff will bring the drinks to you). Tickets do not work at the bar at Nordic forum(where the banquet is held) or at the time of the Foo Bar after party.
  7. When you arrive at the Banquet, there will be an opportunity to buy extra drinks, bring cash in small bills.
  8. For God’s sake, do not forget your ID!


There’s been a very high demand on tickets for the welcome banquet, therefore they are already sold out. We hope that you are as stoked as us! If you haven’t been able to buy a ticket you can still come to the after party 22.00 in Foo Bar!

If you’re uncertain about the rules for the dress code ”jacket”, check out the post we did earlier about out version of it.


Dresscode: Jacket (according to Staben)

We have heard that some of you are wondering what dresscode jacket actually means, here you get our definition of dresscode jacket. 



Jacket for gentlemen means that you should wear a suit. You have a lot of choices when it comes to color on both the suit and the shirt. The suit could be two or three pieces (with a vest). Tie or bowtie is mandatory. Take the most fancy shoes you own, if you do wear a belt it is recommended that it matches the shoes.

  • Suit in an optional color. The jacket, pants and eventual vest are preferred to be in the same color. The darker the more formal.
  • Shirt in an optional color. The lighter the more formal.
  • Shoes should be clean and whole, the nicest ones you got. If you do wear a belt it should be in the same color as the shoes.
  • Tie or bowtie is mandatory.



The dress code Jacket means a lot of options for ladies and doesn’t have as many restrictions as it does for a gentleman.

  • Dress, skirt, jumpsuit or suit. It should be elegant but not as formal as a evening gown. The dress or skirt should at least go down to the knees.
  • Dressed pants and a top works.
  • Jewellery can make a big difference and gives a more or less formal impression, depending on the style.
  • Shoes can also make a big difference, avoid sneakers.

We’re not going to deny anyone entrance at the door but it is customary to dress according to the dresscode (but seriously do not show up in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers…). We do understand that most of you have moved here from somewhere else and that you haven’t packed your most fancy clothes. Do your best, maybe you can borrow what your missing from a friend or acquaintance.




A short movie from us to you

We love you so we just wanted to make something for you <3

Game night with SK

Tonight th section Särimners Kultingar(SK) will be in Foo Bar and have all of the board game lockers open, they will also let you try VIVE in the gaming LAB. So if you don’t have any plans tonight go to Foo Bar in Kista!

Welcome to DSV

It’s a new year and a new Stab. We are really looking forward to present to you the best Insparken ever! Tomorrow Thursday August 24th we will have a guided tour for all of the exchange and master students at DSV. The upcoming two weeks there will be a team contest where you will get a chance to get to know new friends and learn more about the Student Union DISK.


For more information click HERE  are you’ll find the Exchange Student version of Insparkstidningen thats filles with lots of information.


See you tomorrow!

Welcome to Insparken 2016!

This friday the 26th of August Insparken 2016 will begin! The two coming weeks we will have lots of fun together. After your introduction we will be ready to show you around our fantastic school. We will finish the tour at Foo Bar, our pub, located in the same building! There you will get your goodiebag, more information regarding Insparkstävlingen (the light-at-heart competition to get you all integrated into our school), and we will also help pair you into teams for this. The pub will be open after the tour, and you are very welcome to stay and have a drink or eat something with us and all of the other new students! Just don’t forget your I.D to show at the door in Foo Bar.

One last message from me: if you want your time here to be as good as possible, with as much fun and as many friends as possible, then Insparken is something for you!

With love,
board members of Insparken 2016


How to get to DSV

It can be a bit tricky to find new places for the first time, therefore we have put together a guide for how to get to DSV in Kista.

Subway (Blue lines on the map)
Take the blue line (11) towards Akalla and get off at Kista. Go out through the north ticket hall, in the trains direction, if you come from T-centralen, and turn right after the escalator. Then pass straight through the mall, keep left and pass the Forum building, keep the same road and walk across the footbridge – you will now have Nod on your right side.

Commuter train (Green lines on the map)
Get off the commuter train at Helenelund. From there you can walk or take a bus to Kista. If you are walking, go out through the ticket hall and take a right. Follow the street and after about 900 meters, turn right onto the walkway. Follow the walkway until Borgarfjordsgatan and take a left – you can now see Nod on your right side.


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