Good to know!


Regarding Humlegården

  1. Be dressed up, uniformly and preferably thematically in line with your team name! Also, being thoughtful and being dressed in accordance with the prevailing weather is also recommended.
  2. Be sure to be there on time! Challenges are only in between 10AM and 2PM make sure to use these four hours to the maximum!
  3. We will be situated at the pavilion which is close to the corner Sturegatan / Karlavägen.
  4. Get hyped! Spontaneous acts are always appreciated by staben, the drivare and the sections that will be attending close by!


Regarding Welcome banquet

  1. When the toastmasters or someone else is on stage, it’s considered customary to pause your conversation and stay quiet for duration.
  2. During the banquet, entertainment will only be held by our amazing section MES, with some help from toastmasters. This means that no spontaneous spex will be allowed.
  3. There will be a break which will be announced after the main course, then you will have a chance to visit the toiletries or stretch your legs. So we kindly remind you to stay seated during the dinner, in the chance that you have an emergency situation and have to visit the WC during any other time, it has to been to the best of your discretion.
  4. If you consider the banquet to be slow-going you can call a TEMPO, then the toastmasters will speed up the entertainment. The toastmasters will demonstrate how this works at the start of the banquet.
  5. The dress code is jacket, for more information on what this means can be found in a previous post.
  6. You will receive drinking tickets when you arrive at the banquet, these only work at the banquet while seated(the staff will bring the drinks to you). Tickets do not work at the bar at Nordic forum(where the banquet is held) or at the time of the Foo Bar after party.
  7. When you arrive at the Banquet, there will be an opportunity to buy extra drinks, bring cash in small bills.
  8. For God’s sake, do not forget your ID!