We have heard that some of you are wondering what dresscode jacket actually means, here you get our definition of dresscode jacket. 



Jacket for gentlemen means that you should wear a suit. You have a lot of choices when it comes to color on both the suit and the shirt. The suit could be two or three pieces (with a vest). Tie or bowtie is mandatory. Take the most fancy shoes you own, if you do wear a belt it is recommended that it matches the shoes.

  • Suit in an optional color. The jacket, pants and eventual vest are preferred to be in the same color. The darker the more formal.
  • Shirt in an optional color. The lighter the more formal.
  • Shoes should be clean and whole, the nicest ones you got. If you do wear a belt it should be in the same color as the shoes.
  • Tie or bowtie is mandatory.



The dress code Jacket means a lot of options for ladies and doesn’t have as many restrictions as it does for a gentleman.

  • Dress, skirt, jumpsuit or suit. It should be elegant but not as formal as a evening gown. The dress or skirt should at least go down to the knees.
  • Dressed pants and a top works.
  • Jewellery can make a big difference and gives a more or less formal impression, depending on the style.
  • Shoes can also make a big difference, avoid sneakers.

We’re not going to deny anyone entrance at the door but it is customary to dress according to the dresscode (but seriously do not show up in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers…). We do understand that most of you have moved here from somewhere else and that you haven’t packed your most fancy clothes. Do your best, maybe you can borrow what your missing from a friend or acquaintance.